Cash-settlement firm to pursue rival’s ex-workers

BOYNTON BEACH — Financial firm Settlement Funding LLC closed its office here this month and laid off 155 workers, and a rival sees an opportunity to hire some of those who received pink slips.

Seneca One of Bethesda, Md., wants to lease office space in or near Boynton Beach and hire some of Settlement Funding’s former employees, said John Marsano, executive director of Seneca One.

“They closed down, and now there’s a pretty sizable amount of good talent down there that we’d like to have access to,” Marsano said. “This winds up being very opportunistic for us.”

The companies offer immediate cash to winners of legal settlements and lottery drawings.

Marsano said he’s unsure how many people Seneca One will hire in Palm Beach County, but he already has begun to look for office space. Seneca One aims to lease about 4,500 square feet, a space that could accommodate only a fraction of the 155 people Settlement Funding laid off.

Seneca One is looking for workers in sales and operations, Marsano said.