State Statutes
states Understanding your State Statutes

An important part of understanding the transfer process is understanding that each state is governed by a statute on how these transfers are to be handled. We have an internal legal department that can answer any questions that you may have about the process and what to expect in court when selling your structured settlementor annuity payments. We can also refer you to an attorney if you seek independent legal advice about the transfer of your structured settlement.

You can always call us now at (877)-386-3377 and ask to speak with one of our account executives. They can also be a great help in understanding the process.

All states allow for the sale or transfer of structured settlement annuities, subject to a court’s approval, based on a showing that the proposed transfer of the structured settlement payments is in the client’s best interests.

Each state has its own individual structured settlement statute. You may call us at 800-888-9493 to learn more about your state’s structured settlement statute or click on the link to your state law below to read your state’s individual statute.

* No attorney-client relationship or privilege is intended or created here nor do we provide any legal advice. You should consult with your own lawyer for legal advice.